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"you need to make this appointment yourself"


When clients ask me to book their appointments I wonder if they know I only recently started booking my own health appointments and that I find it difficult too.

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this is important and more people need to understand this

This is exactly why I find it hard to address borderline personality disorder with clients 200%
That was a typo but I’m leaving it

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This is so true. #borderlinepersonalitydisorderawareness #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd



Meetings with clients before 10 am are a big no no

If you look at the fact that you have a roof over your head, food to eat, that you are young and beautiful and live in a peaceful land, then no, you have nothing to be sad about. But the fact is, we are not only a physical body, we have souls too, and sometimes our souls get sick. If you break a leg you don’t just say ‘I have no reason to have a broken leg’ and ignore it; you seek help. It’s the same when your soul gets hurt. Don’t apologize for being sad.

— My doctor when I told her I had no reason to be sad (via hrive-ithiliel)

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That’s the funny thing about being poor. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone feels entitled to share. That was especially true about my husband’s Mercedes. Over and over again, people asked why we kept that car, offering to sell it in their yards or on the Internet for us.

“You can’t be that bad off,” a distant relative said, after inviting himself over for lunch. “You still got that baby in all its glory.”

Sometimes, it was more direct. All from a place of love, of course. “Sell the Mercedes,” a friend said to me. “He doesn’t get to keep his toys now.”

But it wasn’t a toy — it was paid off. My husband bought that car in full long before we met. Were we supposed to trade it in for a crappier car we’d have to make payments on? Only to have that less reliable car break down on us?

This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps - The Washington Post

Because I’ve actually seen people make arguments against poor people keeping tools - since that is exactly what this is. If you have a paid off car, you KEEP it, because it works and gives you a survival tool you will no longer have if you get rid of it. Then what? Buses? Not THAT reliable, not at all flexible if you have groceries to carry, or are disabled and doing anything but moving your body to and fro. Cheaper car? That breaks down all the time and sucks away money you don’t have? Maybe it’s even older and more of a gas guzzler. Walking? Not if you have kids you need to bring with you. Thinking the poor don’t “deserve” or that they should “suffer” for their being poor is such complete bullshit. (via jadegordon)

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Real talk

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This is the kind of advice I grew up on for real

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Selling our bodies for arcade money on the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland.

Beach chair!


"This isnt a project that you will be able to do the night before"


Develop better working skills in school

I’m up til midnight at the end of the month trying up catch up on documentation

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Thank you all for thinking I am funny. My co worker messaged me back saying I go through this every month she’s known me (sooo this has happened for the last 6 months)

Look it’s hard the signs are the same
- dread going to work
- physical exhaustion
- over emotional reactions to everything

I keep confusing feeling emotionally burnt out from client work with getting my period.

This is the second month in a row this has happened to me.

I hope you think this text post is funny.


The Little Mermaid TV Series: Gabriella

Remember when Disney had a cute, deaf, poc mermaid?

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Is Anthropology a relevant major for OT school? I was thinking of Anthro major and Poli Sci minor and take all the pre reqs. But is it too far fetched?

Ok ok so if you don’t want to click through my last answer, basically:

OT school gives you a toolbox and it’s kind of up to you what you fill it with. You fill it with stuff you learn On placement and in school, but also with what you learned in the past from previous job experience and academic backgrounds. I loved the girls (my class was 96% girls) in my class who had poli sci or sociology backgrounds because the rest of the class had similar tools - psychology and kinesiology - and therefore similar ideas and approaches to therapy. It was always refreshing to hear that other perspective. Tbh I’m a little hazy on what EXACTLY anthropology is but i know it builds on social science and understanding people /groups of people and that’s a good thing to bring to OT for sure. :)

Keep it up!

You’ll come to see that with OT, at least as far as I’m concerned, nothing is too far fetched. But I guess I’m not a purist … Lol whatever that means

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